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Our school library provides students the opportunity and access to embark on the exciting journey of reading! With thousands of books to choose from across all reading levels, our students are sure to find something they will enjoy. Our library provides opportunities for students to develop reading skills and fosters a life-long love of reading!

Library Activities

  • Accelerated Reader celebrations

  • Weekly class visits

  • Family reading nights

  • One Book, Two Languages festival

Meet Our Librarian

My name is Mrs. Smith and I feel like I have been at E.P. Foster my whole life. When I was a little girl I attended school here. Naturally when I had children of my own I couldn’t wait for them to attend this precious school. I volunteered in their classrooms until one day I was asked to create a library. After weeks of grant writing and fundraising, our library was born. We are blessed to have thousands of books in every grade level. A lot of my time is spent getting books ready for check out, repairing books, re-shelving books, finding new books, coding the books for AR, and helping a student find the perfect book to read. We are very fortunate in that every classroom visits the library weekly. One of the changes in the last couple years is I also take care of technology needs. Something that has remained the same in all these years is, there is nothing that brings greater joy than helping a child discover the love of reading.